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Chandelle artisanale naturelle Détente, contenant de verre ambré, décoré d'eucalyptus, cèdre, lavande et romarin

Unwind handmade candle

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The candle

Enjoy a moment of calm with the Unwind handmade candle. With its comforting aromas of lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense and fresh aromas of peppermint, rosemary and cedarwood, it is the ideal candle for a luxurious ambiance that encourages relaxation.

The candle comes in an amber glass container which beautifully reflects the light in the room. The container can be cleaned with warm soapy water and can be reused afterwards. The wick is made from natural fibers only.

How to make the candle burn properly?

In order for the candle to burn well and to last a long time, it is important to always cut the wick 1/4 inch from the wax level before lighting it. It is also best to wait until the entire top layer of wax has melted into a pool before extinguishing it. This avoids having a candle that only burns part of the wax.

250 ml - Burns approximately 50 hours

100% Natural - 100% Natural 100% Vegan - 100% vegan Handmade - Handmade Made in Quebec - Made in Quebec Cruelty free Palm oil free

Customer Reviews

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I love the relaxation candle!

Annie Pilon
Excellent choice

Beautiful relaxing smell and very nice product

Elizabeth Westerman

This purchase of relaxation candle has been a wonderful addition to my candle collection. I enjoy the slow burning of this candle and its aroma. Very pleased with my purchase.